Phantom of the Music Hall
By Judith Prior

A Phantom who doesn't like pantomime is residing in the old White Chapel Theatre. The cast are rehearsing Cinderella.

The efforts of the characters in trying to convince the ghost that Cinderella is a melodrama and not a pantomime are hilarious.

The new owner Mrs. Worthington and her stage struck daughter Millie are helped by the stage hands Charlie and Fred in their efforts to evict the phantom. Arthur the Stage Manager is not impressed when Queen Victoria promises royal patronage and heritage listing for the theatre providing she gets to meet the phantom.

The chorus girls, led by Lilly and Daphne afraid of the phantom go on strike and the full house is treated to a pantomime... sorry make that melodrama…..of Cinderella staring Charlie and Fred as the step-sisters and Arthur as the Fairy God mother What a sight Queen Victoria is not amused.



Eleven principals. Chorus optional.

R U N N I N G  T I M E

Approx. 2 hours

$17.50 AUD Plus $2.00 Postage

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